Financial Services

Find financial services information related to Associa Access® OnLine for Member real-time account access, maintenance assessment information, our collections policy, and a payment plan option when needed.

Mail-In Payment

Each Member receives a payment booklet each year. The Member’s account number and the payment address is printed on each payment coupon. The exception are any Member that is enrolled in automatic bank draft. The following address can be used if you need to send in a payment to the lockbox or need to setup bill-pay with your financial institution.

Montrose Place Townhomes
C/o Principal Management Group Of Houston
PO Box 3157
Houston, Texas 77253-3157

Automatic Bank Draft

To obtain the paperwork to establish automatic bank draft, please send a request to

AssociaAccess® OnLine

Associa Access® OnLine is a paid service provided to the Membership. This service provides each Member real-time access to their account associated with their unit. The following link will redirect you to PMGs AssociaAccess® OnLine.

If this is the first time accessing this service you will need your account number. You can find this account number and the name listed for this account on your payment coupon book. If you do not have this information you can contact us at

Maintenance Assessment

The current maintenance assessment is a flat rate of $250.00 monthly assessment per unit. The maintenance assessment is holding at this rate with no forecast of an increase.

This assessment covers the following: reserved parking, keyless entry property; water service; trash and recycle service; grounds maintenance; salt-water pool; umbrella covered tables and grilling stations; master insurance coverage (not personal home owners); professional property management; along with a suite of online Member services.

Collection Policy

Our maintenance assessment is due on the 5th and late on the 25th day of the month. The Association has elected to forgo correspondence for late notice payment reminders. If payment has not been received by the 5th day of the following month, a 30-day collection notice will be mailed, and a collection fee will be charge to the unit’s account in the amount of $20.00. This will increase the assessment due to $270.00. Each subsequent month without payment due, a $20.00 collection fee will be charged. If the account becomes 120-days past-due the account will be referred to the Association’s legal team for further collection activities. Any cost associated with these collection efforts will be charged to the unit’s account.

Payment Plan Option

The Payment Plan Option is a provision afforded to every Member by the Statues enacted by the State of Texas. If you experience a life-changing event and you know this will cause you to run-behind on your monthly assessment, we encourage you to contact the Management Company in a manner suitable to you, and request the “Payment Plan Option.” This option will suspend collection fees and activities for a period no longer than 6-months. During this period you can pay at-will with the condition that all past-due assessments are paid current on the 5th day of the seventh month.

The Association used these monthly assessments to pay for monthly cost-of-living services and it is important to pay your assessments in a timely manner. With that said, the Association will make every attempt to work with you during this time of hardship. We encourage you to keep communication open with us so we can help.