Member Leasing Requirements

The following represents a concise summary of conditions, as outlined in the Declaration and Master Deed. Article 6. § 3. Each letting agreement must satisfy these conditions in order to be considered. The management company, under the direction of the Association, will review all letting agreements for validity based on these condition. Agreements that fail to meet these conditions will be revoked, and the Member will be required to resubmit corrected documents.

Summary of Conditions:

  • Letting agreements shall be in writing;
  • Letting agreements require prior written consent of the Association;
  • Letting agreements shall be for single family residence;
  • Letting agreements shall list all Tenants that have access to the said Unit;
  • Letting agreements shall contain covenant statements obligating the tenant to comply;
  • Letting agreements shall be for a term of no less than six (6) consecutive months;
  • Copy of lease shall be submitted for filing at initiation and renewal;
  • All documents required by the Association shall be provided with the lease contract;
  • Changes to the lease shall be submitted in writing to the Association for vetting and approval;
  • Tenant’s contact information shall be provided (email and phone);
  • Subletting agreements displace liability and are prohibited;
  • No room shall be rented or used for transit accommodations;
  • Any Guest on-site without the Tenant is trespassing and shall be removed by HPD

Authorizing a Member to let their respective unit is a privilege provisioned by the Membership’s Governing Documents and can be revoked at anytime by the Association under the following circumstances:

  1. The Member does not comply with the lease authorization process and requirements of the Association;
  2. The Member allows the potential tenant access to the property before approval is given;
  3. The Member is not in good standing with the Association;
  4. The Lessee(s) or their guest pose a nuisance to the Membership;
  5. The Lessee(s) or their guest fail to comply with Rules and Regulation;
  6. The owner occupancy ratio would fall below 80%, based on standards established by agencies that regulate lenders.