Important Security Notification

Important Security Notification

This is an important security notification to all residents of the Montrose Place Townhomes.

It was reported that a bald black male, 6′ to 6′-3″ tall, wearing grey shorts and a navy blue t-shirt was seen on property this evening around 11:02PM. He was recorded looking in resident’s windows between units 33 and 32, and exited to the front of the building when his activity was noticed.

As a resident, if you see ANYONE you do not recognize on property engaging in suspicious activity, please do not approach them, call 9-1-1 and report a trespasser on your personal property. Inform the dispatch representative, that Montrose Place Townhomes has a HPD Trespassing Affidavit on file and the intruder should be investigated and removed immediately.

I encourage everyone to be mindful of your surrounding and make a habit to lookout your doors and windows before exiting your unit. It is up to all of us to be vigilant and look after one another.

The following RING video reveals the intruders intent.

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