Request Approval

How To Request Letting Authorization

We have refined the communication process to make it as convenient as possible. To make a request follow the steps below.

If you do not understand the spirit of this provision or the associated requirements, please attend an Annual Meeting of the Membership and we will further explain the process.

Pet Authorization

Before establishing a lease agreement, inquire as to how many and what kind of pet(s) the lessee may have.

If your Lessee has pets, you need to review the Governing Documents regarding pets. Only one dog 25 lbs or less, or two cats are permitted.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Association before an application for a lease agreement will be considered. A picture of the pet and a copy of the current vaccination records are required.

If you have questions, please email them to Member Services.

Step 1: Submit Request

If you want to lease your Unit, please submit a request for initial authorization using the following button and we will quickly respond back with your authorization—this satisfy the first requirement of Article 6 Section 3.

Once you receive your authorization, you are free to begin vetting a lessee and then may proceed to Step 2.

Request Letting Authorization

Step 2: Required Documents

Once the Association approves your initial request to lease your unit… (see Step 1)

Complete and sign the Tenant Certification of Receipt of the Rules and Regulation and Fining Policy. This document can be found under the Required Documents section. Once you have this document signed by you and the lessee(s), attach them to the lease agreement. You can simply reply back and attach these documents to the email you received granting letting approval.

If this method is not convenient, you can mail the documents to our Community Manager and they will scan and attach the documents for you. Click Contact Us to obtain the current mailing address.

Step 3: Approval Confirmation

Once all three documents have been received and validated by our Community Manager, we will respond. Please wait for this approval confirmation before allowing the lessee to occupy the unit.

Subsequently, the community manager will send your new Tenant a welcome letter, welcoming them to our community. This letter contains basic information that every new resident will find most useful. There is a sample letter on the Required Documents section for your review.

Again, we thank you for your cooperation and proactive approach to this process.

Authorizing a Member to let their respective unit is a privilege provisioned by the Membership’s Governing Documents and can be revoked at anytime by the Association under the following circumstances:

  1. The Member does not comply with the lease authorization process and requirements of the Association;
  2. The Member allows the potential tenant access to the property before approval is given;
  3. The Member is not in good standing with the Association;
  4. The Lessee(s) or their guest pose a nuisance to the Membership;
  5. The Lessee(s) or their guest fail to comply with Rules and Regulation;
  6. The owner occupancy ratio would fall below 80%, based on standards established by agencies that regulate lenders.