Maintenance Concerns

  • Building Service Interruption Scheduled

    This is a community notification to all residents of the Montrose Place Townhomes. The water service to the entire building is scheduled to be shut-off on the following dates: Tomorrow Friday, June 17, 2016, Monday, June 20, 2016, Tuesday, June 21, 2016 during the hours of 9AM through 6PM. The total outage time is unknown […]

  • Building Service Disruption

    Montrose Place Townhomes COMMUNITY MEMORANDUM Center Point turned-off the gas due to billing issue. The details surrounding the issue are still being investigated. Center Point was scheduled to come out tonight for an emergency reconnect of service. They are a no-show. We will contact Center Point tomorrow to have service restored sometime during the day […]

  • Building Hot Water Service Issues

    Good morning everyone! There is an issue with the hot water service. It appears to be only warn at best. We are grateful that it is not completely out as it would be frigid. We have called HRQ Plumbing to come out and correct the issue as soon as possible. We believe the thermostat is […]

  • Abuse of Recycling Services

    MEMORANDUM Abuse of Recycling Services This notice is addressed to all residents of Montrose Place Townhomes: The Association provides a recycling service (dumpster) as environmental stewards to aid in residential recycling for our community and environment. This dumpster is the smaller of the two in the fenced area. We have been informed by our trash […]

  • Window Screen Replacement

    Yes it is a horrible task to find the right window screen or try to assemble them yourself. No need to be frustrated anymore. A Member introduced the following website to us where you can build your screen and pick the colors all in one place. Once assembled, they will ship them by mail ready […]

  • 2012 Master Insurance Certificate

    The following document represents our 2012 Master Insurance Certificate. You can view, download, and print should you need this for your mortgage company. AskTony! Techie-Vention!   The following document is displayed using Google Viewer. The icon in the top-right corner with the arrow will launch this document into a new browser window, where you can view, […]