Building Hot Water Service Issues

Good morning everyone!

There is an issue with the hot water service. It appears to be only warn at best. We are grateful that it is not completely out as it would be frigid.

We have called HRQ Plumbing to come out and correct the issue as soon as possible.

We believe the thermostat is having issues or needs replacement on the main boiler.

We will let you know more as soon as we have information.

Try to have a great day!

Tony Vines


  1. HRQ determined it is not the thermostat.

    It was determined that the gas line to the building was shut-off. As of now we are unsure.

    We asked PMG to make contact with our gas provider CenterPoint to get and explanation. We will update you all when we have more news.

    Please be mindful that the gas grills will be affected as well until this is resolved.


  2. Update: The Center Point Energy bill is setup on automatic draft. We are still investigating the reason for the termination of service. Ann is working to get the service restored.

  3. Update: Ann contacted Center Point and there was a billing anomaly. Ann paid August and September bill and will work to resolve the issue with the bank.

    Center Point is scheduled to restore service this afternoon. Once gas is restored the boiler will begin heating the water again and the gas grills will be available for use.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    Take Care!

  4. Update: We called and confirmed with Center Point Energy, that they will reconnect tonight. They have our work-item assigned to a technician and they have until 8PM to service the property. Once they re-establish gas service I will turn on the boiler pump and we will start getting hot water shortly after.

  5. Update: Service has been restored and boiler is on. Give it a while and hot water should be flowing! Thanks for everyone’s patience!

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