Abuse of Recycling Services

Notice To All Residents


Abuse of Recycling Services

This notice is addressed to all residents of Montrose Place Townhomes:

The Association provides a recycling service (dumpster) as environmental stewards to aid in residential recycling for our community and environment. This dumpster is the smaller of the two in the fenced area.

We have been informed by our trash and recycling service provider that service to our property will discontinued if we continue to abuse this service. They are reporting that residents are placing regular trash in the recycling dumpster.

The Association will assess a $200.00 fine per incident, per unit for illegal dumping, which includes the improper use of the trash and recycling resources.

This notification represents a REAL threat of permanently loosing recycling services for all residents. We all must be advocates and watchful-eyes of our home. If you identify a resident abusing this service, please report the time, date, and unit number to Support@MontrosePlaceTownhomes.com.

The following represent items that may be placed in the recycle dumpster; all others should be placed in the trash dumpster or recycled off-site. More information: http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/recycling.html

Notice Placed On Residents’ Door