2015 Annual Meeting of he Membership

It is that time again when the Members of the Montrose Place Townhomes Owners' Association come together to review our successes, and communicate our future initiatives.

The Association sends official notice by mail 30-days from the date of the meeting.

The Association's Annual Meeting typically is scheduled for the first Saturday in August. Due to scheduling conflicts with the Clayton library Center, the next available date is Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 10:30AM until 12 noon. The meeting address is 5300 Caroline St, Houston, Texas 77004, and the phone number there is (832) 393-2600. Our meeting is not in the library proper, but in the white cottage directly behind the actual library.

If you intend to come we look forward to seeing you. For those that want to come or fear your plans could change at the last minute, please complete your proxy and mail, email or fax to the management company. Or you can email to Support@MontrosePlaceTownhomes.com.

We do not have any financial agenda items that will require a vote. We will elect two new Association Directors. Matt Dawid and Chase Vines are our incumbent candidate and we will take nomination on the floor. Your proxy is needed to establish a quorum in order to conduct the meeting, which is required of us under the Texas Uniform Condominium Act (TUCA). If you submit your proxy and do arrive it will be handed back to you as your attendance trumps the document.

2015 Annual Meeting Presentation

Document will be embedded following the meeting...

Annual Meeting Notification

Document will be embedded following the meeting...

Annual State of the Association

Document will be embedded following the meeting...

We will continue to update this blog communication as information evolves.

If you have any topics you would like to see included in the presentation, please due not hesitate to comment below or contact us at Support@MontrosePlaceTownhomes.com

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Tony S. Vines
Association President
Montrose Place Townhomes Owners' Assoc. Inc.

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  1. The meeting was moved to the library’s main building to a conference room. They needed the Carriage House for one of their events, which trumped ours. We will not have breakfast this yeas as we cannot bring food and drink into the main building. –Tony

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